Is Shazam 2 Cancelled? (2023)

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Is Shazam 2 cancelled?

Sandberg and much of the first film's crew were confirmed to return in December 2019, when New Line Cinema and Warner Bros. Pictures scheduled the sequel for release on April 1, 2022.

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Will there be a Shazam 3?

Shazam! Fury of the Gods was set to be released in theaters on December 21, 2022, but has since been postponed to March 17, 2023.

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What is Shazam 2 going to be called?

Shazam: Fury of the Gods is set for release on 17th March 2023. Not long now!

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Why did DC stop calling Shazam Captain Marvel?

Owing to trademark conflicts over other characters named "Captain Marvel" owned by Marvel Comics, DC has branded and marketed the character using the trademark Shazam! since his 1972 reintroduction. This led many to assume that "Shazam!" was the character's name.

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Are there 6 Shazams now?

In current continuity, the Shazam Family comprises the superpowered alter egos of Billy Batson (teenaged alter-ego of Shazam/Captain Marvel) and his foster siblings: Mary Bromfield (formerly Mary Marvel), Freddy Freeman (formerly Captain Marvel Jr.), Darla Dudley, Pedro Peña, and Eugene Choi.

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Who is Shazam's dad?

Sivana was a mean, greedy, strict, and abusive father to his sons or perhaps only his younger son, Thaddeus.

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Is Shazam 5 kids?

The wizard Shazam gave each one of the children a special attribute of a great hero, and Billy obtained the Courage of Achilles. By saying the word "Shazam" together, the six children formed a composite hero named Captain Thunder.

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Who is black Shazam?

Black Adam Is Shazam's Predecessor

In DC comics, he was chosen by the wizard Shazam, who chose Billy Batson to be his champion 5000 years later. Unlike Billy, Teth-Adam drew his powers from Egyptian gods: Shu, Heru, Amon, Zehuti, Aton, and Mehen.

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What are the 7 Shazams?

Beck and Bill Parker, but you might know them better as Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Sloth, Wrath, Envy and Pride—the Seven Deadly Sins. The Seven Deadly Enemies of Man first appeared in the comic that introduced the world to Captain Marvel, the enigmatically named Whiz Comics #2—and no, there was never a Whiz Comics #1.

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What was Shazam's old name?

Both the wizard and his champion shared the name of "Shazam" in the comic book stories published from then to date, the Wizard later revealing "Shazam" is an adopted name, his original name being Mamaragan.

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Who is Shazam's daughter?

'Lady Blaze is a red-skinned demon with horns, a daughter of Shazam and a Hellhound. She is also a sister of Satanus.

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What happens if Black Adam says Shazam?

Adam gains his powers from a council of wizards who empower him with abilities from the Egyptian pantheon of gods. Whenever Adam speaks the word "Shazam!" he is granted godlike powers including superhuman strength and durability, flight, and the ability to generate lightning.

Is Shazam 2 Cancelled? (2023)
Is Black Adam weaker than Shazam?

In short, Black Adam should be Shazam's equal, but some of his powers are beyond Billy Batson's abilities. Black Adam also has allies that help him overcome entire squads of superheroes. Then, Black Adam has a lot of combat experience, while Shazam is, in fact, a child.

Is Black Adam just an evil Shazam?

While originally a villain of Shazam, Black Adam has developed a rich group of supporting characters of his own who mirror the family Billy Batson has created in his superhero persona.

Did DC sue Marvel for Captain Marvel?

DC Comics sued another company that originally owned Shazam, who was called Captain Marvel at the time, for $4 million dollars and eventually won. DC bought the rights to the superhero in 1972, but couldn't call him Captain Marvel because Marvel took the name.

Who is the guy talking at the end of Shazam?

That talking caterpillar is one of Shazam's oldest archenemies — Mister Mind. Created by Otto Binder and C. C. Beck, Mister Mind was introduced in 1943 in issue #26 of Fawcett Comics' “Captain Marvel Adventures.” (Back then Shazam was called Captain Marvel, absolutely no relation to the Captain Marvel of Marvel Comics.

Is Billy Batson Immortal?

Besides being immortal, one thing that defines Shazam has to be his ability to not age. That doesn't mean Billy himself can't age, just his Shazam form. So as Billy Batson ages normally, the body he gets from his Shazam power will remain the same age forever.

What does the M stand for in Shazam?

#SHAZAM is an acronym that stands for the six ancient heroes whose powers he possesses — Solomon (wisdom), Hercules (strength), Atlas (stamina), Zeus (power), Achilles (courage) and Mercury (speed).

What are Shazam's 7 powers?

He has the wisdom of Solomon, the strength of Hercules, the stamina of Atlas, the power of Zeus, the courage of Achilles and the speed of Mercury. In effect, this gives a Shazam a very Superman-like suite of abilities that include super-strength, invulnerability and flight.

Who is Shazam wife?

1942). The character is a member of the Marvel / Shazam Family of heroes associated with the superhero Shazam / Captain Marvel.
Mary Marvel.
Mary Marvel / Lady Shazam
Created byOtto Binder Marc Swayze
In-story information
Alter egoMary Willow Batson Mary Bromfield
21 more rows

Who was Shazam's first villain?

Doctor Thaddeus Bodog Sivana is a supervillain appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics. Created by Bill Parker and C. C. Beck, the character is a recurring enemy of the superhero Captain Marvel/Shazam, both of whom first appeared in Whiz Comics #2 (cover-dated February 1940) by Fawcett Comics.

How old is Shazam?

The ironic thing is that “Shazam!” dates back to the early days of comics. It was created in 1939, a year after Superman, and very much conceived as a knockoff of the Man of Steel. Then, the hero was called Captain Marvel (nickname: the Big Red Cheese) and at times, he even outsold Superman in the 1940s.

How old is Shazam Billy?

In present-day Fawcett City, Philadelphia, 14-year-old foster child Billy Batson continually runs away from foster homes to search for his birth mother from whom he became separated while at a carnival ten years ago.

How old is Shazam Mary?

References. ↑ In Shazamily Values it's shown that Mary is 18 years old during the events of Shazam!. As the movie takes place in 2018, she should be born in 2000.

How old is Billy Batson?

Eleven-year-old Billy Batson has been given an amazing gift: The magic word Shazam!, which transforms him into Captain Marvel and gives him incredible super-powers.

Who is Shazam in love with?

Mary Marvel
Real name:Mary Willow Batson
First Appearance:Captain Marvel Adventures #18
Created by:Jerry Ordway Otto Binder Marc Swayze
4 more rows

Who is stronger Shazam or Superman?

And where Superman has heat vision, cold breath and other useful powers, Shazam can call down lightning and even bestow part of his power to other heroes. It's a pretty even match-up, all things considered. In terms of raw strength, most comics stories seem to give the edge to Superman.

Was Shazam ever Captain Marvel?

Knowledgeable DC fans know, of course, that we're talking about the Big Red Cheese himself, the hero today's readers and now moviegoers know as 'Shazam!' He began his career as Captain Marvel, but DC can't legally call him that anymore.

Who is the youngest Shazam girl?

Darla is one of the three brand-new New 52-introduced members of the family, and typically the youngest in the lineup.

How many Shazam kids are there?

In the newest Shazam stories at DC Comics, Billy doesn't adventure alone: He shares his power with his five foster siblings, just like in Shazam! the movie. Mary and Freddy are based on the classic characters of Mary Bromfield and Freddy Freeman, while Pedro, Eugene and Darla are more recent creations.

Who was the first Shazam champion?

In the original comics, Shazam was a young shepherd in Canaan named Jebediah who was chosen by six of his gods to be their champion, Vlarem, 9000 years ago.

Who is red Shazam?

Shazam, canonically, is the name of the ancient wizard who bestows his magic powers on the actual hero, Captain Marvel—the big guy in the red suit with a lightning bolt on his chest who says “shazam!” He (Captain Marvel, not Shazam) is meant to be Earth's champion, its protector.

Who came first Captain Marvel or Shazam?

Shazam was actually the original Captain Marvel. Though he is now a DC character, he didn't start off that way. In fact, Shazam has been around since 1940, when he first appeared in Whiz Comics #2, published by Fawcett Comics.

Why is Shazam called Black Adam?

Millennia ago, he had first chosen an Egyptian man named Teth-Adam to wield the power of the gods against the enemies of man, but he quickly succumbed to his power in the name of global conquest. Shazam sent Teth-Adam away to the farthest reaches of space, naming him “Black Adam” for his grave mistake in judgment.

How many gods is Shazam?

Powers. Divine Empowerment: Billy gains his powers from six different heroes and deities: Solomon, Hercules, Atlas, Zeus, Achilles and Mercury. He activates these powers by saying the magical word "Shazam" which is the first letter of each of the gods' names combined.

Does Shazam kid find his mom?

Billy ended up a group home, and later in the film, Eugene Choi, one of his foster brothers, informed Billy that he found Marilyn's whereabouts online, after which Billy went to Marilyn's apartment and showed her the compass, stating that he had found his way home.

What is Shazam's hero name?

Frank Coghlan Jr. Captain Marvel (also known as Shazam on Earth Prime) is a superhero in the DC Comics Universe and the protector of Fawcett City. In his secret identity, he is known as William Joseph "Billy" Batson, a young boy who was chosen to be a champion of good by the wizard Shazam.

Why did Black Adam turn evil?

The Mighty Adam serves as Egypt's champion for many centuries but becomes corrupted by the charms of a mysterious woman, revealed to be Shazam's evil daughter Blaze in disguise. The bewitched Adam is convinced that he and his mistress should rule Egypt, so he kills the Pharaoh and appoints himself ruler.

Does Black Adam have a weakness?

Weaknesses. Magical Vulnerability: Only significant magic can affect him. Lightning: Lightning attacks that cause damage and can cause Black Adam to revert back to Theo Adam.

Who is the strongest between Black Adam and Shazam?

However, Shazam has always been stronger than Adam. Part of that is because he's the Wizard's current champion. Shazam receives a greater share of the Wizard's power, and he has proven himself to be easily one of the strongest heroes in all of DC comics.

Who is DC's most powerful superhero?

There is no contest here and no way to go around it; Superman is the most powerful character in the DCEU, and although he hasn't been around the big screen since 2017, his reputation is safe, at least until Darkseid makes his debut — if that ever happens.

Who is strongest in DC?

The 18 Most Powerful DC Characters, Ranked
  • Eclipso. Image via DC Comics.
  • Superman. Image via HBO Max/Warner Bros. ...
  • Lex Luthor. Image via DC Comics. ...
  • Darkseid. Image via HBO Max. ...
  • Black Adam. Image via Warner Bros. ...
  • Wonder Woman. Image via Warner Bros. ...
  • Shazam. Image via DC Comics. ...
  • Doctor Fate. Image via DC Comics. ...
Oct 19, 2022

Who is faster Black Adam or Superman?

In the DC Comics, Superman was faster than both Shazam and Black Adam.

Why do Black Adam and Shazam have the same suit?

History. One of Shazam's suits was primarily worn by the wizard of the same name. Different versions of this suit are materialized when the champion yells “SHAZAM!”. One of the first champions to use it was Black Adam, with the others being Billy Batson, and eventually his foster siblings.

Who is more powerful Black Adam or Superman?

Taking all of these things into account, checking the numbers, ticking the boxes, and pure old gut instinct, it's obvious that the winner in a fight between Superman and Black Adam is... Superman.

Did Superman ever fight Black Adam?

According to Comic Book Resources, Black Adam and Superman have fought in comics several times, pitting the benevolent alien Kal-El against the centuries-old Egyptian warrior named Teth-Adam.

Why is Shazam 2 delayed?

Why Shazam: Fury Of The Gods Has Been Delayed To March 2023. One key reason that appears to be behind why Shazam! Fury of the Gods has been delayed is a simple one: to avoid competition with Avatar: The Way of Water.

Who will play Superman in Shazam 2?

Henry Cavill returning as Superman in Shazam 2 won't just be a fun moment, it could also be a truly unexpected and exciting way to kick off the DCEU's multiverse saga.

Who is stronger Black Adam or Shazam?

Finally, Shazam has a superhero code to hold him down, while Black Adam doesn't let useless things like a moral compass stop him. So, Shazam can only beat Black Adam by using his childhood creativity to trick the antihero, forcing him to say the magic word that takes away his powers.

Is Emilia Clarke replacing Amber Heard?

Aquaman 2: Emilia Clarke replaces Amber Heard as Mera in stunning image. Fans have longed to see Emilia Clarke take over the role of Mera from Amber Heard in Aquaman 2, and now we know what she could look like if Warner Bros.

Was Shazam movie a flop?

The film was a box office success, grossing $366.1 million worldwide, and received positive reviews from critics, who praised Sandberg's direction and the performances of Levi, Angel and Grazer, as well as its generally light tone and sense of fun.

Why does Black Adam say Shazam in injustice 2?

The wizard gives Teth-Adam the power to become the superhero the Mighty Adam by speaking the name "Shazam", an acronym for the Mighty Adam's powers: the stamina of Shu, the swiftness of Heru (Horus), the strength of Amon, the wisdom of Zehuti (Thoth), the power of Aton, and the courage of Mehen.

Who is Shazam's arch nemesis?

Shazam's sworn archenemy, Doctor Sivana uses both science and magic to carry out his evil schemes. Shazam may be the World's Mightiest Mortal, but there's one villain who has consistently given him a run for his money—the evil genius known as Doctor Thaddeus Sivana.

Is Shazam more stronger than Superman?

Shazam is in a similar strength class as Superman, but he is also able to use lightning at his command. Shazam's magical powers give him a clear advantage over Superman whenever they meet in battle. The two heroes have fought quite a few times, with Shazam almost always taking the win unless outside forces are at play.

What is Black Adam's weakness?

Kryptonite has been portrayed as Superman's Achilles' heel, a weakness when he is nearly invulnerable. Similarly, Black Adam has a weakness to the mineral known as Eternium. A single missile made of Eternium proved to be enough to knock Black Adam unconscious for hours.

Is Black Adam Shazam's arch nemesis?

Black Adam Became Shazam's Ongoing Arch Nemesis

Thaddeus Sivana — Mark Strong's character in SHAZAM! — against Billy Batson, such as in 1977's “Shazam #28,” which sees the foes transported to the Colonial Era, where they bump into Paul Revere.

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