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Hello! I Welcome you all to my blog Vastu Nirvana. Here I will share my knowledge, some success mantras and some ancient and precious things with the new version and how to adopt them in our day-to-day life to make your life prosperous, happy, and successful. Here we will talk about Vastu Shastra, its importance and its use in our daily life to make our life, career, relationship, business and many important aspects of the life successful.

What is Vastu Shastra?

Vastu Shastra is an ancient Indian system of architecture and design that date backs to thousands of years ago. The term “Vastu” means dwelling, and “Shastra” means science, so the term Vastu Shastra means science of dwelling. Vastu Shastra focuses on creating harmonious and balanced living space. The origin of Vastu Shastra an be tracked back to the Vedas and ancient Hindu scriptures. Vastu Shastra defines the design and construction of buildings, as well as the placements of objects within them. Over the period of time the principles of Vastu Shastra have been refined and today Vastu Shastra has become a comprehensive system of architecture and design.

Vastu Shastra is based on the belief that everything in the universe is made up of the five elements of nature also known as Panchmahabhutas. These elements are the biggest source of energy. Human body is also made of these elements, hence human being is also a part of universe. So, our body, soul and the house in which we live all of them are connected to universe by these elements. Hence to know more about Vastu Shastra we need to know about Panchmahabhutas


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Vastu Shastra deals with five elements of nature. They are Air, Water, Earth, Fire, and Sky. These elements are also known as “Panchmahabhutas” in ancient India.

Air: It represents the life force or energy that is essential for all living beings. The air element is associated with movement, lightness, expansion. It is the force that governs all forms of motion and communication. In Vastu Shastra air element is associated with East direction which is considered to be the direction of sunrise, i.e., the new beginning or the fresh start. Air element is represented by green color. The presence of fresh and pure air can promote good health, vitality, and prosperity.

Water: It is an essential element of nature, and it is associated with emotions, feelings, intuition, fluidity, flexibility, and adaptability. It is the force that governs all forms of movement and changes. In Vastu Shastra water element is associated with North direction which is considered to be the direction of prosperity and abundance. Water element is represented by blue color. It is believed that presence of clean and flowing water can promote good health, prosperity, and happiness.

Earth: It is the most important element of all the elements of the nature, because earth is the element where humans live. This element is associated with stability, security, material wealth, and grounding. It is the force that governs all forms of substances. In Vastu Shastra earth element is associated with South-West direction which is considered to be the direction of stability and strength. Earth element is represented by yellow color. It is believed that the presence of solid and stable earth can promote prosperity, stability, and happiness.

Fire: The Fire element is associated with energy, transformation, illumination, and passion. It is the force that governs all forms of change and purification. The fire element is associated with South-East direction which is considered to be the direction of transformation and growth. Fire element is represented by red color. It is believed that presence of fire can promote vitality, creativity, and passion.

Sky: It represents vastness and openness of the universe. This element is associated with openness, expansion, consciousness, creativity, intuition, and clarity. It is the force that governs all forms of perception and communication. In Vastu Shastra there is no specific direction for space or sky element. It is associated by the direction of center as it is the direction of balance and harmony. The sky or space element is represented by white or light blue color, as it creates the sense of openness and expansiveness. It is believed that the presence of open and spacious environment can promote clarity, intuition and creativity.

By considering all the important aspects of Vastu Shastra it is believed that the five elements have unique energies that influence the world and can be harnessed to create harmonious and balanced environment. By including the elements of universe into the designs and arrangement of buildings and spaces, it is believed that one can create an environment that is healthy, happy, and prosperous.

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Importance of Directions in Vastu Shastra

Directions plays a significant role in Vastu Shastra, or we can say that the entire system of Vastu Shastra is based on the directions and the principles of do’s and don’ts of all specific directions. According to Vastu Shastra, there are eight directions: North, South, East, West, North-East, North-West, South-East and South-West. Each direction is associated with a particular energy, and the placement of rooms and objects within a building should take into account the energy flow associated with each direction.

North: It is associated with the element of water and with the energy of growth and progress. According to Vastu Shastra, north direction is favourable for placement of study room, puja room and living room. The north direction is associated with the lord of wealth, Kuber.

South: It is associated with the element of fire and with the energy of transformation and change. According to Vastu Shastra, south direction is favourable for the placement of kitchen as it promotes the flow of positive energy and enhances the digestive system.

East: It is associated with the element of air and with the energy of new beginnings and growth. In Vastu Shastra, east direction is considered very auspicious and is associated with the lord of re-birth, Indra. The placement of main entrance of the house is favourable in east direction for the flow of positive energy into the house.

West: It is associated with the element of water and with the energy of stability and support. The west direction is associated with the lord of rain, Varuna. It is favourable direction for the placement of water tanks, swimming pool, fountain and other water elements.

North-East: The northeast direction is associated with the energy of spirituality and enlightenment. The north-east direction is considered to be very auspicious and is associated with the deity of wealth, health and prosperity, Lord Shiva. It is favourable for the placement of puja room or meditation room.

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North-West: The northwest direction is associated with the energy of travel and movement. This direction is favourable for the placement of guest room, children room, and study room.

South-East: This direction is associated with the energy of vitality and enthusiasm. This direction is considered favourable for the placement of kitchen and also the placement of generator or the power back-up system.

South-West: This direction has strong influence on the financial and material well-being of the inhabitants of the house. This direction is favourable for the placement of master bedroom and living room.

It is believed that all the directions have particular energy and have impact on the well-being of the building. By carefully considering the energy flow associated with each direction, Vastu Shastra recommends the placement of rooms and objects in the building.

General tips to create harmonious environment in the house

Entrance: The entrance of the house should be well -lit and clean. There should not be any obstacles blocking the entrance. Avoid placing footwear near the entrance

Living Room: It is recommended that the living room should be located in the east or north direction of the house. Furniture should be arranged in such a way that there is good space for energy flow. Sharp edged furniture should be avoided in living room

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Kitchen: It is recommended that kitchen should be in the southeast direction of the house. The stove should be placed in the southeast corner. The sink should be placed in the northeast corner of the kitchen.

Bedroom: It is recommended that the master bedroom should be located in the southwest direction of the house. Avoid placing mirror in front of the bed. The bed should be in such a position that while sleeping the head of the person should be in south or east direction

Bathroom: It is recommended that the bathroom should be located in the northwest direction of the house. Avoid placing mirror in opposite of the toilet, and keep bathroom close when not in use.

Colors: Use light and soothing colors for the walls. Avoid using dark and bold colors as they create the sense of heaviness and negativity.

Clutter: Keep the home clean and clutter-free. Avoid hoarding unnecessary items and make sure that everything in your house have a designated place.

Hence by following the guidelines of our ancient science we can create harmonious living environment. Here we get to know the five elements of nature and their importance in our life and in our house. We get to know the importance of each direction of our house its meaning and importance, we also get to know the basic arrangement of rooms and the placement of objects in the room according to the principles of Vastu Shastra. It is important to follow the principles of Vastu Shastra to create a living space that is tuned with the natural energies of the universe and promotes a sense of well-being. It is important to consider the principles of ancient science to be applied in the modern times to create a living space or an office that is healthy, prosperous, happy and have harmonious environment.


What are basic rules of Vastu Shastra? ›

  • Rule 1: The direction of the plot and construction should face north or east.
  • Rule 2: The shape of the plot should be square or rectangular.
  • Rule 3: Shape of the building/structure should comply with Vastu norms.
  • Rule 4: Interiors and colours for a house, as per Vastu principles.
  • Rule 5: Placement of objects in the house.
Apr 2, 2022

What questions should I ask my Vastu consultant? ›

  • What is Vastu?
  • Is it necessary to construct a house in accordance with the principles of Vastu? ...
  • Does a person's date of birth influence property purchase?
  • What are the auspicious days on which one should book a house?
  • According to Vastu, what should be the position of the rooms/main door of a flat?

What are the 5 elements of Vastu? ›

Commonly known as the science of architecture, Vastu Shastra revolves around five major elements- Fire, Earth, Water, Air and Space.

What are the 4 elements of Vastu? ›

According to Vastu Shastra for home, there are five vastu elements in the universe. Fire, water, air, earth and space. The balance and propriety of these five elements bring prosperity to living beings. That is why there is so much emphasis on vastu.

What should we avoid according to Vastu? ›

Avoid pictures, paintings and sculptures of animals and birds like pigs, snakes, donkeys, eagles, owls, bats, vultures, pigeons and crows. According to Vastu, a couple's bedroom should not exhibit even a single bird or animal.

How to bring positive energy in home according to Vastu? ›

Fresh air and sunlight aids positive energy at home. So, ensure that you keep the home's windows open, for some time in the morning. According to Vastu principles, there should not be any dark corners at home. If any space does not have sufficient natural sunlight, ensure it has adequate artificial light.

Does Vastu apply in USA? ›

Except for some of the features, almost many vastu principles are working for American homes.

Which God photo to keep in main door? ›

As per vastu, you should keep idols and photos of Ganesha and Lakshmi at the entrance of your home to welcome good luck, wealth, and prosperity. Remember to light candles, diyas, and incense sticks in front of the idols you place at the entrance.

Does Vastu really affect our life? ›

Therefore, vastu for home really matters as it is the area that excites us and prepares us to face a day full of energy and excitement. So, if you believe in vastu then it is important for you to read the importance of vastu.

What are the 3 types of Vastu? ›

There are 3 types of Vaastu- srishti, chikitsa and vardhamana. In each of these types of vaastu, there is an element of integration between the occupant and the building, between the environment energies and the lifestyle of the people.

What are major Vastu defects? ›

Vastu defects that you can rectify, after buying the home.
  • Furniture that is placed in the wrong direction.
  • Inappropriate colours, including that of the flooring.
  • Cooking direction.
  • Direction of toilet basins.
  • Incorrect direction of the puja room.

What is the scientific reasoning for Vastu? ›

Vastu Shastra is based on the concept of scientifically combining the five basic elements – earth, water, fire, air and sky – to create a pleasant setting. Vasthu principles integrated with architecture boost health, wealth, energy and prosperity and make the living or working atmosphere serene and enlightened.

How long does it take for Vastu to work? ›

A. If applied correctly, Vastu remedies generally give results within 15 to 45 days depending on how receptive the land is, and the intensity of the Vastu defect.

Which corner is auspicious? ›

The office building facing the north, northeast, northwest or northeast is said to be very prosperous. These directions are very auspicious. Good luck and good energies always come from these directions.

Which direction is lucky Vastu? ›

The best house direction as per Vastu, is northeast, as it is associated with the God of wealth. Similarly, the southwest is considered the direction of evil.

What is most important in Vastu? ›

Vastu Shastra says that the main door of your home should face in the north, east, or northeast directions. This is to ensure optimal energy entering your home. When you step out of your entrance, you should face the north, east, or northeast direction.

What are the 5 Feng Shui elements? ›

Feng shui divides the world into five elements: wood, fire, earth, metal and water. If you have a room that doesn't feel quite right, try balancing the elements to make it more comfortable. Each element invokes a different mood, creating a customized space that's beneficial for your personality and goals.

What are Vastu beliefs? ›

According to popular belief, vaastu is considered as an orthodox method of living. But this is a misconception. Vaastu means perfect balance between all the five elements i.e. Earth, water, fire, space, and air, also balance between all the subtle energies prevailing in the environment.

Which animal is good for Vastu? ›

Dogs, Cats, and Fishes are the best Vastu animals for home. They are known for bringing joy, wealth and other benefits.

Which animal statue is not good for home? ›

Statue or Paintings of Animals- Don't put any image or showpiece of any wild animals and birds like snakes, owl, vulture, bat, pigs, pigeons, crows, tiger, etc. Vastu recommends not to keep any picture or statue of a single bird or animal in a couple's room.

Which animal statue is good for home? ›

Placing an elephant figurine in the wealth area of the home as per the Bagua map in feng shui helps attract abundance. Placing elephants at the entry helps invite positive energy. Placing it near your desk also helps in bringing luck to your career.

How do I clean my house for positive energy? ›

Home Cleaning Tips to Attract Positive Energy | HappyCleans
  1. Keep doors and windows clean at all times. According to Thrive, the front door and windows are the entry point for good energy and the exit point for negative ones. ...
  2. Declutter. ...
  3. Use salty water to clean your floors.
Jan 7, 2023

Where to keep dead person photos in house as per Vastu Shastra? ›

You can place the pictures of our late family members in the south direction facing towards the north direction. You can also place the photos in the southwest direction. You should not keep them in the east, west, or north direction. This is all on the dead person photo direction.

Which facing is good in USA? ›

South-facing and east-facing houses get the most sunlight.

It's also important to note that, because the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, an east-facing home will receive the most morning sun and a west-facing house will get more afternoon sun.

Who invented Vastu Shastra? ›

Vastu, crafts and architecture are traditionally attributed to the divine Vishwakarma in the Hindu pantheon.

Which direction house is good in USA? ›

This positive energy not only creates healthy vibrations but also ensures the prosperity of the people living in such plots." summarizes by stating, "The north and east facing house is considered to be better when compared to one facing west or south.

What to hang in front of main door? ›

Decoration of the Main Door

You must avoid keeping a dustbin, broken stools, or chairs near the entrance as per main door Vastu. Instead, decorate the main entrance with divine symbols like swastikas, om, cross, rangoli, and flowers placed right outside the door.

What should not be in front of main door? ›

Things to avoid in front of main door

Avoid keeping shoe racks, old furniture, dustbins, broken chairs or stools, near the main door. Never keep a mirror in front of the main door. This will reflect the energies that may enter the house.

Which direction can God face? ›

The god should face east, as the rising sun symbolises new beginnings and the potential for spiritual growth. The idol of Lord Vishnu should be in the west direction. The idol of Lord Shiva should be in the north direction. The idol of Lord Ganesha, Durga and Lord Kartikeya should be in the east direction.

Does vastu affect mental health? ›

A Vastu defect like cut in the north-east region of the house directly leads to mental instability and bad health. Avoid keeping dustbins or toilets in this region and ensure it is clutter-free. Even a septic tank or a kitchen can give you mental unrest and a bad stomach respectively.

Does vastu affect children? ›

Vastu is considered to not only resolve progeny related problems, but also help promote the health and well-being of a child. It is believed that vastu has a vital role in the birth of progeny. It is considered to not only resolve progeny related problems, but also help promote the health and wellbeing of a child.

Which side kitchen is good? ›

Direction of the Kitchen

According to Vastu Shastra, the Lord of Fire—Agni—prevails in the southeast direction of the home, which means that the ideal placement of the kitchen is the southeast direction of your home. If for any reason, you are unable to do so, the north-west direction will work.

Who should sleep in master bedroom? ›

As per Vastu, only married couples should occupy the master bedroom, if it is a family that consists of married couples and other members who are unmarried. A regular-shaped bedroom is better than one with cuts and shapes made to beautify the look of the room.

Which side should we sleep on Vastu? ›

Head facing South - Direction to sleep in

The best direction to sleep according to Vastu Shastra is when you lay your head facing south and your feet facing the north side. Research has found that animals naturally align themselves in the south-facing sleeping direction.

What is the difference between Vastu and Feng Shui? ›

Vastu Shastra was an architectural plan but it also consisted of Hindu, Indo-Islamic and Buddhist beliefs. Feng Shui is a Chinese Pseudoscientific practice which includes the involvement of various invisible entities of the universe with architectural designs and plans.

Which face of house is not good? ›

South-facing homes are generally considered inauspicious and get the bad rap many times due to the belief that Lord Yama, the God of Death, lives in the dakshina or South direction.

How to remove illness from house vastu? ›

Vastu Tips To Get Rid Of Illness
  1. If any member of the house is suffering from a long illness, then first of all change his room. ...
  2. Feed Khichdi to the poor from the hands of a sick person on Saturday. ...
  3. Keep in mind that never completely close the room in which the patient is sleeping.

Can Vastu be corrected? ›

A strong element to remove vastu dosh from home

Placing small portions of uncrushed sea salt is an immediate remedy for vastu dosh. It absorbs all the negative energy from home. Alternatively, you could also mix a pinch of sea salt in the water that you use to clean the floor.

Why do people believe in Vastu? ›

Vastu Shastra has deeply embedded roots in our Indian culture which is basically related to architectural guidance. The logic of Vastu- architecture guidance, lies in the basic science of building homes in earlier times when there was no professional architect to tell you where the room, roof, bathroom etc should be.

How to study in Vastu Shastra? ›

The study room should always be facing the east or west direction of the house, north is the second best direction. The child should face east or north while studying and all their rewards and recognitions, certificates, trophies and motivational posters should be displayed on the north or east wall.

What should not be kept at home? ›

7 Things You Should Never Keep in Your Home, According to Experts
  1. Cardboard boxes.
  2. deli meats.
  3. plastic containers.
  4. Aerosol for insect control in the hands of a woman wearing a mask.
  5. cleaning products.
  6. hand squeezing soap from blue sponge.
May 24, 2022

How to avoid fights at home according to Vastu? ›

If the relations in a home are tense, place a white sandal wood statue. This will reduce tension, promote harmony, and boost mutual trust among family members. According to Vastu Shastra, salt is believed to remove all negativity. In one corner of the room, place a piece of rock salt.

How to solve Vastu problems? ›

Tips to improve Vastu in the living/dining room without architectural changes
  1. Keep the television and computers in the south-east corner of the living room. ...
  2. Light up the corners with bright lights.
  3. Hang a picture of a bright sunrise on the southern wall in the living room.
  4. Place a bright light near the main door.
May 18, 2023

What should be kept at the entrance of the house? ›

As per vastu, you should keep idols and photos of Ganesha and Lakshmi at the entrance of your home to welcome good luck, wealth, and prosperity. Remember to light candles, diyas, and incense sticks in front of the idols you place at the entrance.

Which corner is wealth in Vastu? ›

As per Vastu Shastra, one of the best ways to ensure financial stability is to grow your wealth in the earth corner of the home —the south-west. All your jewellery, money and important financial documents must be kept in the south-west (store such things in a cupboard or safe), facing north or north-east.

Which direction is best for everything? ›

The best house direction as per Vastu, is northeast, as it is associated with the God of wealth. Similarly, the southwest is considered the direction of evil.

What should I hang on my front door for good luck? ›

A horseshoe is one of the most common decorations for attracting good luck to your home. Traditionally, the horseshoe should be hung above the outside of your front door, but you can opt to place it above the inside of your door if you want to create a conversation piece for your foyer.


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