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Importance of Vastu Shashtra

Northeast (Ishanaya): The Northeast side is ruled by means of the presence of God-awareness. Therefore, that is one of the maximum critical directions in Vastu and needs to be stored open and smooth. This vicinity may be utilized for meditation functions, Puja room or front, or maybe living room. The Element present here is Spirit. In the Northeast direction, location Puja altar or Divine symbols. Keep this location open and spacious in order that the rest of the living is energized by the divine energies emanating from this location. To energize this element you can preserve Parad objects, quartz crystals, and idols of Gods and Goddesses.

Southwest (Nairutya): The Southwest course is the area that offers energy, professional achievement, wealth, and stability to the residing. It is preferably applied for the bedroom and directors cabin. The element present here is Earth. In the Southwest path, stability the Earth element by placing vegetation. Plants have the capability to absorb all styles of negative factors and as a consequence assist in cleaning the environment. Also, Horseshoes, brown and black gemstones, Iron objects, and indoor flora are perfect items to apply for energizing the Southwest nook.

East (Purva): The Eastside is called the fulfiller of prayers and desires. It is from this facet that manifestation is going to show up to your living. Also, the East is in which the sun rises, indicating life and fitness. This vicinity can be utilized for the residing room, have a look at the room, meditation functions, Puja room, and front. The detail present here is Fire that can be more desirable via installing Yantras, Chowkis, Cowries, Rose Quartz gemstone, and Goddess Laxmi items.


West (Paschim):The God of Oceans, Lord Varuna, regulations the West route consistent with Vastu. This route is satisfactory for innovative pastimes. Childrens examination rooms and designing rooms are satisfactorily placed right here. The element gift right here is Water. To stability, the Water element within the West, preserve fountains or plant life floating in water packing containers in this region or Kurma idol. Rock salt lamps could be a super energizer in this location. Spray this area with shiny orange color or use Orange gemstones and permit creativity to bloom right here.

Southeast (Aagneya):The Southeast course is ruled by way of fire; consequently, it has an abundance of energy in it. This is the vicinity from where Prana (power) is sent to the rest of the dwelling. Ideally, it may be applied for kitchen, board room, income, and advertising and marketing branch and conference room. Southeast course is dominated by way of the Fire detail and have to be balanced by lighting fixtures oil lamp, maintaining pyramids, yellow gemstones, the air of mystery lamps and the usage of enough lighting fixtures. A balance of the fireplace detail will enhance the fitness of all of the dwellers.

Northwest (Vayavya):The Northwest direction is for air/wind. This is the most critical to all factors and connects one to the electricity of all rooms. This is the area of most movements additionally. Her dreams are fulfilled and its far quality to have sales and advertising and marketing branches, assembly room, living room, and dining room. To stability the Air detail within the Northwest side, certainly open windows for a while in the morning. Let there be the circulation or ventilation of clean air. You will find relationships improving while the air detail is balanced. This is the course of air, wind, or aroma. The energizers perfect for this detail are Shells, Gomati chakras, Shaligram, and fragrant diffusers. Use the abundance of inexperienced color or inexperienced gemstones to rate this region.

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South (Dakshin):The South is the place that gives electricity and stability to the dwelling. It is ideally utilized for bedroom, directors cabin, and keep room. The element present here is Earth. To beautify the electricity of Earth element, you can still vicinity Indoor plant life, Red gemstones, and Copper items in this vicinity.

North (Uttar):The detail gift in the North aspect is Ether/Sky. This is the location for expression, creativity, and communique. It is quality to have to take a look at the room, living room, board room, and staff cabins right here. This is the region of sound and the shade is blue. Use chimes and bells right here and blue gems to energize this corner.

General Tips As Per Vastu

Living Room:
If your home is built dealing with north or east, the dwelling room must be in the northeast direction.
If your own home is built facing west; the dwelling room has to in the northwest course.
If your property faces the south route; the residing room should be in the southeast direction.
Furniture sets ought to be positioned going through West or South.
Fish tanks should be positioned facing the northeast direction.
The primary front of the residence has to be seen by the people or visitors sitting within the living room.
The guest ought to be seated such that they face South, West, or South West. This will permit us to establish our authority in discussions or disputes.

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There need not be any mirror facing your mattress.
The main bedroom has to be facing the southwest path.
The shape of your bed needs to be square or rectangular.
The doorways of your bedroom may be eastward, westward, or northward, however have to no longer be inside the southwest direction.
Sleeping course: Head ought to be in south and east, providing you with sound sleep and making sure the right restore of brain cells, respectively.
Keep an image or a portrait of nature, a river, or an island on the wall dealing with the door. It way the instant you enter, your eyes need to fall upon it first. Such snapshots are soothing and enjoyable.
Air Conditioner, TV, coolers and other electric gadgets need to be placed in the southeast of the room.

Your kitchen should face southeast direction which is beneath the reign of Lord Agni.
The range must be set up dealing with southeast direction.
The sink has to be dealing with northeast course contrary to the stove as fireplace and water do now not mixture in.
The place for storing food grains, utensils, and so on. Ought to always be in the south and on the wall in the West.
The water clears out or the pot may be kept in the northeast path.
Keep in mind that food ought to be taken facing east. This will higher the flavor and help you digest the food.

Your temple ought to be constructed facing the east direction with the entry door in an equal direction. The sun rises from the east giving a profuse quantity of mild, strength, and benefits.
You should have the temple positioned at a higher level; the Lords toes come to the level of worshippers chest.
Make certain that the temple room is not installed inside the bedroom or basement.
Make sure that the idols have to no longer have their backs coming in touch with the wall in the back. Never preserve idols within the wall with the aid of slicing it as well.
Better if a ghee lamp is lit and saved it alight 24X7 it welcomes divine and high-quality strength into your house.

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Store Room:
Store Room may be placed between S and W, growing weight in SW brings stability.
Unwanted objects like property of a departed soul have to be without delay disposed off.
The floor of this room should be a bit higher than the principal building.
Articles not in ordinary use can be saved within the room and can be kept locked.

The door of the Bathroom must be in N, NE, or E.
Geyser, boilers, switchboard and comparable gadget have to be in SE.
Water tap, bathe in E or N in order that someone faces E whilst taking the tub.
Soap, shampoo, detergents, broom, brush, and many others. Have to be in NW nook.
The bathroom needs to have a window anywhere besides W or SW.

The floor of the restroom has to be a bit lower than the ground of the house.
The slope in the bathroom should be closer to E or North.
The tap must be in the direction of E or N.
Window or ventilator in W or SW.
Toilet cleansing gadgets must be placed in NW.

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Staircase ought to ascend from E to W or from N to S.
Even a number of steps ought to be desired e.g. 2, 4, 6, eight, 12, and so forth, and have to in no way end with 0.
No bathroom, restroom, temple, or secure have to be there below the steps.
No restroom, toilet, temple or secure ought to be there underneath the steps.

Centre of House:
It is vital to maintain the critical area without any heavy concrete structures. This area is dominated by way of Lord Brahma making it Brahmasthan.
You may installation Vastu Yantras that nullify the malefic defects of Vastu within the living.


What is the price of original Shaligram Shila? ›

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How to do Shaligram Puja at home? ›

How to Worship Salagrama?
  1. Take bath and wear yellow or white color clothes.
  2. Offer prayers to Ganesha in mind.
  3. Usual worship procedure is to bathe the Salagrama in water in a small container.
  4. Offer some Tulsi leaves.
  5. Light a lamp using cow ghee - one wick is preferred.
  6. Offer karpur or dhoop (not essential).
Feb 2, 2018

Where is Shaligram available? ›

Shaligram Stone is a fossilised ammonite, a type of mollusk that lived millions of years ago. It is found in the sacred rivers of the Himalayas, particularly the Gandaki River in Nepal.

Which Shaligram stone has water inside? ›

A small round Narayana Shaligram can be used to generate the powerful water which is extremely good for health and spirituality by keeping the Narayana Shila in the silver or copper or Panchdhatu glass filled with cooled boiled water over night with Narayana Shila inside and same may be consumed in the morning after ...

How can you tell an original Shaligram? ›

An original Shaligram will have a natural shape and will not have any signs of artificial modification. Markings and color: Original Shaligram shila stone are characterized by natural markings, such as lines, dots, and swirls, which are believed to indicate the presence of specific forms of Lord Vishnu.

What is the cost of Saligramam? ›

On average, the price of properties in Saligramam is Rs. 10,630 per sqft. The most expensive property listed in Saligramam is priced at Rs. 28,205 per sqft.

Should Shaligram be kept in water? ›

Importance of Shaligram Water

As per Purana Sangraha when a dying person is made to sip a little of the water from Gandaki river or in which the Salagrama-stone is bathed, he will be freed from all sins, and will reach the heavenly abode of Vishnu.

How do you activate Shaligram stone? ›

Put some kusha grass in a water tumbler for sprinkling purpose and sprinkle on the Shila. Place the Shaligram Shila over some pipal leaves in a plate, Pl put a red or white clean cloth on the plate. Light the camphor, incense stick and the lamp. Apply little sandle paste over the Shila.

Who can touch Shaligram? ›

" If one is initiated as a vaisnava then whether one is brahmana ksatriya, vaisya, sudra or a woman, one can worship Salagrama and attain the Lord's abode." "Worship of Salagram Sila can be done by women, sudras (low caste), brahmanas (twice born), ksatriyas (administrators), etc.

What is the quality of Shaligram stone? ›

The worshiper of Uncommon Stuffs Shaligram Stone gets immense wisdom, good virtues, courage and success in all his endeavors. Shaligram Stone also provides peace and happiness. Every genuine Shaligram Stone has marks with the pattern often representing that of Sudarshan Chakra, the chakra of Lord Vishnu.

What is the another name of Shaligram? ›

- Aniruddha Shaligram, - Purushottama Shaligram, There are many other names for the Shaligram stone. The four appurtenances of Lord Vishnu—Chakra, Padma, Gada, and Shankha—which make up the Shaligram structure are what give it its name.

Is Shaligram and shivling same? ›

The Shivling Shaligram is a symbol of the Shivling and it has tremendous benefits for its worshippers. 1. Shaligrams are formless representations of Lord Vishnu.

What is the energy of Shaligram? ›

It is a Swaroopa, or formless Lord Vishnu, who manifests itself as a stone. This means that the energy present in the Shaligram is more active than in a regular stone and contributes to the spread of positivity and bliss in the lives of those who live with it, whether it is worshipped or not.

What are the different colors of Shaligram? ›

The sacred stones may be white, yellow, red, black, green, tawny or ash-coloured; they may contain stains, and they may be multi-coloured.

What are the benefits of drinking Shaligram water? ›

This water is good for stomach problems, ulcers, thyroid, blood pressure, kidney problems, gall bladder and many more but the water has such powerful qualities that it purifies of the whole body spiritually and cleanse the mind of the devotee eternally.

Is Shaligram a Shiva? ›

Shivalinga Shaligram is a sakshat "Shiva" and it takes the devotee to spiritualism besides giving him prosperity and mental peace.

What are the benefits of white Shaligram? ›

-These rare Shilas will give enormous wealth, very good health, extreme protection from sudden accidents and thefts and the presence of this Shila will bestow the devotee with all-round growth, success, and peace.

Can we wear Shaligram stone? ›

If the rosary is designed in these metals the effect of the worship multiply manifold times. The Shree Shaligram rosary is used in decorating the Lord Vishnu and the Lord feels very happy to wear the Shaligram malas, rings, lockets and blesses the devotee to the maximum.

Can Shaligram be kept at home? ›

Shaligram is married to Tulsi Ram, it is said that special care should be taken in their worship. Shaligram should neither be bought from a married person nor should it be given to anyone, if someone gives Shaligram, then you can bring it in the house.

What is the size of shaligram stone? ›

The size of this Natural White Marble Shaligram Shivling Shiva Ling Stone measure is length "5 cm" and width "3 cm".

What is the weight of shaligram stone? ›

The boulders - weighing around 30 tonnes and 14-15 tonnes - are expected to be used for the construction of Ram and Janaki idols.

What are the effects of Shaligram? ›

One who worships this shaligram gets immense wealth and very good health. The environment in his house becomes like "Vaikunth". Peace prevails in his house and at his workplace. Wherever he puts his hands he reaps gold and wealth.

Why is Tulsi married to Shaligram? ›

She gains the status of a goddess named Tulasi, while her earthly form is the tulasi plant. In popular tradition, in accordance to a blessing by Vishnu to marry Vrinda in her next birth, Vishnu – in the form of shaligrama - married Tulasi on Prabodhini Ekadashi.

What is the benefit of Shaligram and Tulsi? ›

The benefits of Shaligram Tulsi Vivah Poojan are as follows: Shaligram Tulsi Vivah Poojan wipes the obstacles from the devotees' life. It also removes problems such as delay of marriage and other marital problems. A childless couple who performs Shaligram Tulsi Vivah Poojan will be blessed with a healthy child.

How do you identify Narasimha Saligrama? ›

Saligrama can be round or oval or any shape. About colour of saligram mostly saligrama is black in colours . Saligrama also have chakra or beautiful design whereas every saligrama donot have it. Having chakra or design saligrama is very rare and auspicious.

Is Shaligram found only in Nepal? ›

Shailgram stones, most-revered in Hindu tradition, are found only in Nepal in the country's River Kali Gandaki. These sacred black-colored Ammonoid fossil stones, found in various forms symbolizing Hindu deities, are considered as the representation of Lord Vishnu.

Which district is famous for Shaligram? ›

The Shaligram Shila which is located between Parbat's Bihadi rural municipality and Syangja's Galyang municipality is worshipped as a symbol of lord Vishnu. Pilgrims visiting the district consider this area as a must visit site.

Which is the purest form of shivling? ›

Sphatika Lingam in scriptures

But the purest and most sought-after form is the quartz crystal (Sphatika), a natural stone not carved by man but made by nature, gathered molecule by molecule over hundreds, thousands or millions of years, grown as a living body grows, but infinitely more slowly.

How much does Shaligram stone weigh? ›

The boulders - weighing around 30 tonnes and 14-15 tonnes - are expected to be used for the construction of Ram and Janaki idols.

How do you energize Shaligram stone? ›

Note: If one is unable to perform an elaborate Puja of Shaligram daily then he or she may keep the Shaligram on a copper plate, wash it with water, apply a sandalwood tilak, offer a fresh Tulsi leaf and incense stick, offer obeisance and chant “Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya” 108 times.

What are the benefits of wearing Shaligram pendant? ›

Shaligram Pendant keeps all devils away and so if the persons trying to harm the worshipper have a very sad end. All the obstacles are removed from path of the wearer and he leads a very comfortable and pious life. It also helps in increasing the wit and creativity.

What are the benefits of wearing Shaligram ring? ›

They represent lord vishnu and represent virtues of good health, world and spiritual pleasures, spiritual progress, protection, wealth and righteous living. Wearing this ring, blesses the wearer with overall protection, peace, prosperity, good health and harmony.

What colors are Shaligram stones? ›

The sacred stones may be white, yellow, red, black, green, tawny or ash-coloured; they may contain stains, and they may be multi-coloured.

Can Broken Shaligram be worshipped? ›

According to shastra " Even if a Salagram is damaged or broken, all sila are good to worship. "


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